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Did you know that there is a sideways trend happening in the FX markets right now that is achieving huge profits?

The AUDUSD currency pair has been following a sideways pattern since February 2015 and, thanks to a high performing EA, extraordinary profits are being accessed.

This EA has achieved a over 200% RETURN THIS YEAR alone, its highest monthly return to date, and is exclusive only to Synergy FX.

Read on and discover how you too can start seeing these returns with automated trading.

What Type of EA is Ichi?

Ichi is 5­‐minute scalper robot that makes money in sideways markets. It takes advantage of markets that are bound between a range and/or don’t trend long distances before some retracement.


How Ichi is Making Money

In a sideways market the price will go up and down and return to near the previous price-point. This EA takes advantage of the ‘whipsaw’ effect to make profitable returns.



Ichi only uses the AUDUSD currency pair. Following advanced analysis, we found that 91% of the time, this currency pair remains in a sideways market.


Smart traders have made money with us

Having been trading since 2013 and happily using SynergyFX as a broker, I've have seen some monumental profits using the Ichi Scalper system
Peter Williams
Opened my account in December 2015 and already it's in profit by 36%
Frances Rothman

What is Ichi Scalper?

Ichi Scalper is a piece software that trades a forex system on your behalf. It will run inside your forex terminal using advanced calculations to open and managed your forex trades according to a built-in strategy.

Ichi only runs on the AUDUSD currency pair and only on 5 minute charts. Ichi is seeing remarkable profits due to the current sideways trend we're seeing with the AUDUSD pair at the moment.

This current sideways market with the AUDUSD pair will not last forever. Take action today and you too will be able to access the profits that this EA is achieving.

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