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Frequently Asked Questions

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What do I need?

An MT4 account, the Ichi Scalper expert advice software, and a dedicated computer that is on 24/7 – for this reason, we recommend a VPS (Virtual Private Server.

What is a VPS?

A Virtual Private Server is a computer that is located within close proximity to our data centre, which provide ultra low latency and a 24 hour connection. Your VPS is able to be connected to from anywhere in the world, using a remote desktop connection tool on all computers.

Is the EA "Set and Forget"?

No trading strategy can be left to its own devices, as the market is constantly changing and adapting to new data. Although Ichi Scalper can perform remarkably well with very little intervention, it must still have some monitoring to ensure the conditions to not adversly change. If you are looking for a complete “hands off” experience, we offer a diverse range of funds management products which could be suitable for your portfolio.

Can I use it on multiple currencies?

The EA has only found success on the AUDUSD due to the continual sideways movement. It is not designed for a trending market.

What if the market trends?

We would suggest considering your position sizes and risk level. If there is significant fundamental and technical data pointing to an ongoing trend, the EA will not perform successfully.

Ichi Scalper - High Performing EA
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